Claim your ADA if you stake with A4PEU between 30-11 and 07-12-2020

On 30-11-2020 till 07-12-2020 we had a 500 USD giveaway action because of K=500 in case A4PEU stake pool would pass the 10M ADA stake.

We managed to pass the 10M stake before 07-12-2020* and as such we have drawn 4 winners of 125 USD in ADA.

The owners of following delegation addresses can contact me to claim their ADA before eoy 2020. So you have 2 weeks to claim your free ADA.

Winning staking addresses of the draw:

  • stake1uxuxcra8k99tyhe09cka2hekdukqrlk3g6wnm26n4mfykqg6w5za8
  • stake1uypd5mnz0h0ls232mt7p0sxwevg8xynrap7888cgks7c9nqvzgcjz
  • stake1u9c6kqf9q0974akc5fcwh85tq4e5k5vsy9umupmxtass8rcpjph5r
  • stake1u8ju9cg6lxs2w9we3kf3xk52mjm7945uuc0g66zrddjtnmqnrk9ny

In case an owner of the above staking addresses is not claiming its prize before eoy 2020, the right will expire. In such case the below reserve staking address can claim the 125 USD prize in ADA till the end week 1 in 2021.

Reserve staking address (in case one of the above winners does not claim its 125 USD prize in ADA)

  • stake1uxdk7hkyw9uj5veyqndckhha2ldasd2ucqxseayfmdxjczqhyqeft

In case no-one will claim its prize, we will organize another giveaway event very soon.

*  Dates are displayed in European format DD/MM/YYYY

Regards, Ron