Potential rewards campaign

We decided to start a new campaign, we call it the “Potential rewards campaign” in order to attract fresh ADA stake to our stake pool A4PEU.

What are potential rewards?

Potential rewards is an estimation used by IOHK in the Daedalus wallet to give an indication how many ADA a delegator can earn per epoch on basis of his/her stake in a particular stake pool. Since it is an estimation there is no real guarantee, it is more an indication. There are many factors in play that could influence the outcome of the actual rewards being received by the delegator. Hence potential rewards.

Reason for our campaign

Our reason to start a new campaign lies in the recent loss of 3.5 mln stake during epoch 225 as a direct result of BFT nodes during epoch 223 and 224. This loss of stake is hitting us as a small stake pool hard.

Luckily our stake pool did great in epoch 225, 226 and will also perform outstanding in epoch 227 showing its full potential. Under the current circumstances these results though are not enough to attract new delegators since there is a lot of competition between stake pools to attract stake.


To break the spiral of losing stake, we are concrete in search for 10 mln stake. We think this would help us in getting our stake pool back on track and it will buy us a little time to think about new plans to attract more delegators.

What do we offer?

Since our campaign is called “Potential rewards”, we are offering the same potential rewards to delegators than they could achieve with a larger stake pool that has minimal 50 mln ADA stake.

Who are we addressing?

Since it is not easy to acquire 10 mln stake in a highly competitive environment we are addressing ADA millionaires with our campaign. Delegators are required to stake a minimum of 2 mln ADA for a contiguous period of 4 epochs.

We are glad with any contributions to our stake pool small or big, but under the current circumstances we need to make sure that we increase our stake in a short amount of time to stay competitive. The only way to achieve this is to attract a large amount of stake in a short timeframe. So we are sorry for our existing and potential smaller delegators that this campaign is not applicable to them. This does not mean potential smaller delegators cannot stake with us, they are very welcome and can enjoy the normal stake pool rewards. These rewards are above expectation over the last three epochs.


We hope for support from a few ADA millionaires that are willing to make a change. Contributing to our stake pool helps us in making the Cardano blockchain more secure and diversifies the Cardano ecosystem. ADA4Profit is more than just a stake pool operation, we are also actively contributing to the Cardano community in many ways. Currently we are developing a community app and we are leveraging our network to spot business opportunities for Cardano and ourselves. Our plan is to develop commercial grade solutions on top of this blockchain.

In case above proposal is appealing to you, please contact me via mail or telegram.

Thank you,