New guide "How to delegate your ADA"

We are proud to present to you today with a new simplified delegation guide. Based on the new Deadalus Mainnet wallet.

Our first guide was published on 07/25/2020. This guide was based on the Daedalus Testnet wallet. You can find the post under “Delegation guide.” The guide itself can be downloaded here.

In that guide we made a promise to keep it updated.

We are keeping up with this promise by providing the Cardano community with a new simplified delegation guide. This is for the new Daedalus Mainnet wallet. Which supports both the Byron and the Shelley era of the Cardano blockchain.

In our guide, the following topics are covered:

• How to convert a Byron wallet to a Shelley compatible wallet

• How to delegate your ADA stake to a stake pool

• How to restore a wallet in the new Daedalus wallet

If you think our new simplified guide is not giving you enough information about Cardano; transferring ADA from an exchange to the Daedalus Mainnet wallet or delegating your ADA stake to a stake pool. You are still able to download our previous and more detailed guide. Most of the content of this guide is still valid. Now, you should use the new Daedalus Mainnet wallet. Then you can use your own ADA, instead of tADA (test ADA) from a faucet.

You can download our new simplified delegation guide here.

We hope you like our contribution! Please consider delegating your ADA stake with ADA4PROFIT, in our stake pools A4PEU or A4PUS.