#Shelley Mainnet

First Delegations Are In

It is finally happening, we have our first delegations in. We like to say a thank you to the delegators that put their trust in our hands by choosing to delegate with us.

But to me personal the amount of delegation after two days is kind of disappointing. Especially when compared to other stake pool operations who were able to collect already millions of delegation in the same time frame.

Not only over the last 3 months i put all my energy and effort in this project, i was also involved in the Incentivized Test Network. Unfortunately due to the instabilities of Jormungandr this was not very successful.

I got involved in the ecosystem and was invited to other stake pool operator groups and had a chance to talk to other professionals. From this i gained a lot of knowledge but also trust and direct private connections which were valuable to extend our network connectivity on the Cardano Shelley mainnet.

Also i did help out a lot of other people in trying to setup a stake pool operation. Due to this i was able to detect that many people really should not run a stake pool operation because they simply lacking the skills for it. There is only so much you can learn in a short time frame of 3 months, it is definitely not compensating for the lacking experience and linux skills needed to maintain an enterprise grade solution.

As ADA4PROFIT we are providing our delegators with the skills and expertise needed to run and maintain complex enterprise environments like a stake pool.

We have over 25 years experience with complex software solutions, are running our own software development company and as such we are backed by our own development team.

We are planning to build our own blockchain based solutions on top of Cardano. Something we have already done before on Ethereum, on which we have several solutions running for our clients.

We committed ourselves to this project because of the many unique aspects of this project.

Our stake pools pledge is locked for the coming three years to show our commitment.

We are currently maintaining 10 cloud server machines in different locations around the world. The majority of them are bare metal servers, to achieve the best results in forging blocks for our delegators.

We opened our own Youtube channel to inform you about Cardano and blockchain related topics. We produced our own content and made a delegation guide for the community and many more things to come.

Unfortunately we can not do this alone. We need your support, the support from delegators to achieve our personal goals. Delegators who are in search of a stake pool operation, that can guarantee them with good return on stake.

We will not disappoint you. Our infrastructure is in place and we are providing the expertise required to run and maintain complex enterprise environments.

Our infrastructure was battle tested over the last months, now it is ready to work for our delegators to provide them with an excellent return on stake.

If you are also as committed as we are, you should consider us together we can dot this. Delegate your stake with us to achieve the best results on your stake.

#Shelley Mainnet

It Is Time To Delegate

In our previous post “Delegation Guide” we mentioned that we would inform the community about the availability of the new Daedalus Mainnet wallet.

Yesterday we had the launch of Shelley at 22:45 PM UTC, the Cardano network became fully decentralized. A moment we all looked forward to.

As pool operators and owners we worked hard to have our infrastructure in place for this moment where users can start delegating their stake to stake pool.

In below scheme you can see that you can start delegating your stake to the stake pool of your choice. Your delegation will become active on the 8th of August and the first rewards will be delivered on the 18th of August to your wallets.

In order to delegate you have to download the new Daedalus Mainnet wallet for your operating system.

Click on the image to go to the Daedalus download page

The new Daedalus (Shelley) Mainnet wallet will automatically import your wallets from the Daedalus Byron Mainnet wallet.

Once the chain is checked and synced up, your Byron Mainnet wallets will appear.

In order to delegate to one or more stake pools, you have to create one or more new Shelley wallets. Please be careful! Write your passphrases (now 25 words) down and double check them. Assign a spending password and save both your passphrase(s) and spending password(s) in a safe place, don’t loose them !

After this you can move your ADA from your Byron Mainnet wallet(s) to the newly created Shelley Mainnet wallet(s). For this you need your Byron Mainnet spending password at hand.

Once you have your ADA in your new Shelley Mainnet wallet(s), you can start the delegation process. In case you like to know more about this process or how to choose a stake pool, download our Delegation Guide. (Note: The delegation guide is based on Haskell Testnet 3, but the delegation process is exactly the same. We will do our best to update this guide on basis of the new Daedalus Mainnet wallet shortly.)

We would love to see you joining our stake pools A4PEU (JUNO) or A4PUS (SATURN). Our stake pools run on cloud-native infrastructure provided on bare metal servers in the US and Europe. ADA4PROFIT is operating in total 10 servers, 6 public relay nodes, 2 hidden relay nodes and 2 stake pools, to guarantee an excellent return on stake for our delegators.

#Shelley Mainnet

Shelley Is Here

To the whole team of IOHK and the community a big thumbs up. From the successful Incentivized Test Network into a fully decentralized network Shelley. These were great achievements made in the past few months months.

Where many people were very skeptical about this project because of the “slow process”, they will be proven wrong. Cardano is here to stay and will start gaining traction on basis the launch of Shelley mainnet. It will outperform most of the other projects because of their formal methods and scientific approach. Reason for this is a solid foundation for the future and the hard work that they put into this project. Instead of rushing out functionalities, or simply forking from another blockchain. Specifications are being reviewed, by the smartest people in the industry.

Past months were exciting and sometimes tiring, because of the pace in which the updates came to us as stake pool owners and operators. Looking back it was worth all the effort. IOHK delivered according to plan that was communicated to us. A great achievement.

We are thrilled to be a part of this experience. We are looking forward to all the great things that’s still to come from this amazing team and community.

ADA4PROFIT is live on the Mainnet thanks to a great achievement of the Cardano project team. Also, because of the many contributions that came out of the community.

Shelley Mainnet Wallet

The whole experience was, in one word, great! From the preparation to get our nodes up and running, to the collaboration between different stake pool owners and operators, and the release of the new Daedalus Mainnet wallet after the hardfork.

We are looking forward to the journey we are going to make together with Cardano, hopefully you do to.

Join us in this journey by delegating your owned ADA to our stake pools JUNO (ticker A4PEU) and SATURN (ticker A4PUS). We will take care of a flawless operation and excellent return on stake.

Shelley Mainnet Candidate

Shelley Is Close To Launch

Shelley is close to launch, according IOHK things are looking pretty good. IOHK is pretty confident that they are going to make the deadline for Shelley.

Read about the news above, in following update article of IOHK

MC4 (Mainnet Candidate 4) is most likely the last version for Shelley Mainnet lauch. Cardano will become a fully decentralized network. Already there are over 200 stake pools registered on MC4.

We registered our stake pools JUNO (ticker A4PEU) and SATURN (ticker A4PUS) on MC4 this morning 8 AM UTC.

The launch of Shelley will make Cardano one of the most decentralized open source blockchain networks. It will be at least 10 times more decentralized than Bitcoin, and this is just the start. The majority of stake pools still have to register themselves on MC4.

Today or tomorrow, we are expecting a new Daedalus Shelley wallet. This new wallet works with MC4 and it will be Shelley compliant. Everyone will be able to import their Byron wallets from the Byron Mainnet and transfer their tADA (test ADA) from last weeks snapshot to a Shelley compliant wallet.

Pool operators can pledge to their pools. regular users and pool operators can delegate to any stake pool.

Everyone can participate in testing with their snapshot tADA by delegating to stake pool.

Get yourself familiar with the procedure in anticipation of the Shelley Mainnet launch coming month . You will be able to earn return on stake on your ADA ownership. For this you have to delegate it to a stake pool. With your delegation you are helping to secure the Cardano network.

In our previous post, we provided a very detailed delegation guide that was based on STN2 (Shelley Testnet 2), this network will be shortly taken down by IOHK. We will rework this document on basis of MC4 shortly once the new Daedalus Shelley wallet is available for us.

Please subscribe yourself to our social media channels so you will notified about the latest version of our delegation guide.

Shelley Mainnet Candidate Shelley testnet

Delegation Guide

As contribution to the Cardano community, we prepared a Delegation Guide to help you in delegating your owned ADA to a stake pool.

In this guide we explain the “How To’s”:

•Buying ADA at an exchange

•Install the Deadalus Shelley Testnet wallet

•Guide in transferring tADA from the faucet to Deadalus Shelley Testnet wallet

•Choosing a stake pool to delegate to. Questions to ask yourself before you make a choice in delegating your owned ADA to a stake pool

•Learning to delegate your owned ADA, example on basis of tADA from the faucet

•Transferring your ADA tokens from an exchange to your Deadalus Mainnet wallet

You can download our guide in the following url: ADA4PROFIT delegation guide v1.01 07-25020

In our upcoming blog, we will describe how you can restore your Deadalus Byron Mainnet wallet. In the latest Deadalus Shelley Testnet wallet. Showing how to make use of your passphrase to unlock your snapshot tADA for delegation.

Subscribe to our social media channels to get informed about the latest updates about Cardano and our stake pool operation.

Shelley testnet

8 Simple Steps To Delegate Your ADA

Since we are nearing the Shelley Mainnet era we like to share some information with people that are waiting for staking to become active on the Shelley Mainnet.

• On the 29th of July a hard fork is planned and rewards on stake will start on the 18th of August.

• Pools are expected be live on the Mainnet around the 13th of August, so from that moment you will be able to start staking your ADA.

You can be prepared the moment staking is available. Follow the 8 simple steps shown below to get familiar with this procedure.

1. Start experimenting with staking on the Shelley Haskell Testnet II by downloading the Daedalus Shelley Testnet V3 wallet here. After you have downloaded it, install it and follow the procedure to create a wallet. (Warning: On the Shelley Mainnet, make sure your verify the checksum of the Daedalus wallet before installing it, this is important since you only want to run your wallet on basis of trusted software created by IOHK, the software company behind the Cardano project).

2. Make sure you store your spending password and your recovery phrases safely, don’t lose them.

3. Now head over to the test-faucet which can be found here, it will ask you for an address. In your Deadalus wallet go to the option Receive and copy the first address that shows. Paste that address in the address field of the test-faucet, skip the API key, confirm that you are not a robot via the reCAPTCHA and push the Request Funds button.

After a few moments you will receive 100,000 tADA in your Daedalus Shelley Testnet wallet.

Note: You can only request tADA once per 24 hours from the same computer or for the same address.

4. Next step is to go to the Stake pool screen. To reach this, click on the network icon on the left below the wallet icon and hit the Stake pools button.

A list with pools will load. By clicking on the ticker of any pool, you will be able to see more details about that pool. Below you see an example our pool Juno.

Example of a pool with its details

Study the pool information carefully. Educate yourself before you delegate your stake. This is important since you will be staking your real ADA on Shelley Mainnet. You want a reliable pool with sound infrastructure and security in place. A pool that is producing blocks on a regular basis will result in getting the most rewards for your stake.

5. Once you have decided which pool you would like to delegate your stake to, click the ‘Delegate to this pool’ button and follow the process to confirm your selection.

6. Under Delegation you will be able to find your wallet and the pool you chose for delegation should show up after a short time. On Shelley Testnet II it will take 2 epochs before your stake becomes effective and you start earning rewards.

7. Under Rewards you will be able to see the ADA you earn from the stake pool you joined. The rewards are automatically compounded and end up in the same wallet you specified when you delegated to the pool.

8. If you like to try another pool, you can choose to Redelegate your stake. Click the Delegation center button and go to your current delegation and choose Redelegate. It is also possible to Undelegate your stake at any time and cash your ADA out by transferring them to your favorite exchange. Note: Cashing out tADA is not possible. This will be only possible for real ADA.

As extra exercise you can create another wallet and repeat the procedure. Notice that you now can delegate to another pool. So if you would like delegate to multiple pools you have to create multiple wallets.

Enjoy practicing to get familiar with the delegations process within the Daedalus wallet before the actual launch of Shelley Mainnet.

Shelley Mainnet Candidate Shelley testnet

Update Status

The last week has been very busy for ADA4PROFIT. Due to this, we had less time to spend on our blog. We are preparing ourselves for the Shelley Mainnet launch in August.

To keep you informed and updated, we have worked on the following tasks:

• Our YouTube video channel. As you may have noticed through social media posts, John prepared a small video showing our little studio. From which we are broadcasting our videos in. We are also planning for interactive content soon. In case you haven’t seen our little studio, have a look at our previous blog.

In order to produce good content you have to prepare for it. This means, to make scripts, do some test shoots, editing etc. which takes a lot of time. Over the coming weeks, we hope to publish several informative videos. If you like to keep yourself informed through us, please subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can find it in the footer of this page.

• We registered our pools JUNO and SATURN on Shelley HTN2. Since we focused on the shift to the Mainnet Candidate. Which made us have a slow start on focusing in the Shelley HTN2.

In the meantime our pools are starting to catch up nicely and we can see they are performing pretty well. This gives us confidence and the confirmation that we are on track for a successful operation on Shelley Mainnet.

• Unfortunately we had to give up on Mainnet Candidate I. IOHK was a little bit too optimistic in releasing this version without having the tools ready for it. A little setback since we had to switch back to Shelley HTN2. Where we had hoped to move forward instead of backward.

• We implemented backups of our servers on external storage.

• We implemented a private registry in which our docker cardano-node images are stored. From there they can be distributed to different servers.

Since we are operating and maintaining 8 nodes in different data centers. We needed to get rid of building them on every individual server, so we did. In case of a new update we only have to build it once and push it to the private registry. From any of our servers we can pull from the private registry avoiding a time consuming building process.

• We implemented our own automatic mechanism to update the operation certificate and KES keys on our pool-nodes. This process is reducing the downtime of our stake pools significantly. In which, hopefully leading to more blocks being minted by our stake pools.

• We have build the binaries for Mainnet Candidate II, build a relay node image and are running it currently. Furthermore, we prepared all information we could to setup our stake pools and relay nodes. We did it as quickly as possible for the switch to Mainnet Candidate II.

• We are currently in the process of building a dashboard for our delegators. This dashboard will focus on valuable information for our delegators regarding our performance. Our goal is to have the dashboard available and integrated in our website as soon the Shelley Mainnet is live.

• We are working on a guide for people who are interested in buying ADA and delegating their stake into a stake pool. Our plan is to have this guide available for download this coming week. Although the content will be based on the tools that are available currently. We are planning to keep this guide updated on basis of the latest information.

At the end of the day, we are pretty happy about our achievements last week. All our work together with our stake pools performance on Shelley HTN2. This makes us very comfortable! We are on the right track to achieve our goals for our delegators on Shelley Mainnet.

Till our next blog !

Social Media

ADA4PROFIT YouTube Channel Is Ready To Roll

Our first priority is to assure our stake pool operates efficiently and brings the highest return on stake to our delegators. Our second, but equally important goal, is to assure our delegators are well-informed.

Whether communicating via Twitter, Facebook, or Telegram, the Cardano community can count on getting up-to-date, informative, and interesting information on a regular basis.

We’re happy to announce a YouTube channel that will soon be added to the suite of information methods we’ll use to keep our delegators and the community informed on recent developments.

The first step is setting up the studio to be ready to shoot. Camera, lights, ACTION! 🙂 See the following video for a 1-minute tour of our studio.

Starting this week, we will post weekly videos highlighting what’s important to Cardano investors. For example, how can you choose the right stake pool to delegate your ADA? How can you know if your stake pool operator is backed up by a team dedicated to 24/7/365 uptime? How can you know their equipment, infrastructure, and capability will assure smooth and uninterrupted operation?

All this and more will be covered on our YouTube channel. So stay tuned! We look forward to bringing you good content and also finding out more about what your interests are.

See you on our YouTube channel soon!

Shelley Mainnet Candidate

Update On Mainnet Candidate Transition

We finished our transition to the Mainnet Candidate in the morning of 7/13/2020.

Our findings so far:

Our transition went smoothly, although we had to adopt the default mainnet_candidate-config.json file to our needs.

Updating the topology over all our nodes is still a cumbersome manual process. The automatic topology updater is not helping here for us.

Adoption of the public available scripts to the Mainnet Candidate. These scripts was suffering from the changes made by IOHK in cardano-cli 1.15.1. Currently there are a mixture of options –shelley-testnet 42 –mainnet –cardano-mode that should converge in only one option, before Shelley Mainnet goes live.

Some creators of the public available scripts are still adapting to these changes. In order to get their scripts working without errors.

Unfortunately we were encountering problems with the KES metrics which are not working in 1.15.1. Our dasboard stays blank for the current KES period and the KES expiry period. The cardano-node api calls give an empty result back on the following metrics: cardano_node_Forge_metrics_currentKESPeriod_int, cardano_node_Forge_metrics_operationalCertificateExpiryKESPeriod_int and cardano_node_Forge_metrics_remainingKESPeriods_int

KES information stays empty “No Data” on version 1.15.1 of cardano-node/cli

Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Since, we don’t want our operational certificate to expire, without getting any notification about it. We need to know the remainingKESPeriods on basis of which we can alert.

Registration of our pools worked out well for us since Martin from ATADA did an update his pool operator scripts. He was very quick to adapt to the changes made in cardano-cli of 1.15.1.

The lastest Mainnet Candidate scripts can be found here.

After this work we played ATM in the Cardano Shelley & Stakepool best practice telegram group, by giving out tokens. With these tokens pool operators can register their stake pool on the Mainnet Candidate chain.

In a few hours, we managed to help over a hundred pools. Just by transferring the initial funding to their payment addresses. In order to register a stake pool on the Mainnet Candidate chain.

Why did we gave these tokens out manually?

• No faucet is yet available for the Mainnet Candidate. The purpose of this chain is to use your own ITN tokens. From the snapshot taken at the end of 2019.

• To avoid abuse of the faucet like we encountered in Shelley Testnet Phase 2.

• Give everyone equal rights to register their stake pool on the Mainnet Candidate.

Tomorrow we’ll have more. Goodnight!

Shelley Mainnet Candidate

Mainnet Candidate

We mentioned in our previous blog that we were preparing for the switch from the Shelley Testnet phase II to the Shelley Mainnet Candidate.

With it not being complete, we certainly managed, to do a lot today in preparation for this switch.

• Generation of the new binaries (cardano-node and cardano-cli)

• Store these binaries on the our web server for easy distribution

• Build a new docker image for the new relay-node and pool node.

• Store images in the registry for easy distribution

• Setup of new relay node on basis of the new docker image and the mainnet_candidate files

• Syncing up with the new chain

• Activate a backup script for the new chain

• Registration of both our pools on the new chain

• Backup our pool keys and certificates

• Helping other people of the community getting their nodes to sync with the new chain

Tomorrow we will say goodbye to Shelley Testnet phase II and focus on finalizing our work for the transition to the Shelley Mainnet Candidate

ADA4PROFIT likes to give a big shout out to ATADA stake pool run by Martin. Martin created an awesome set of public available pool operator scripts which make it easy to register and maintain your stake pool.

Above all, he put a lot of effort and dedication into contributing to the Cardano community. These pool operator scripts needs to be maintained and tested on basis of the latest changes made by IOHK.

Martin did an excellent job in a very short amount of time. We can now make use from his latest scripts to create our stake pools.

If you like to try his pool operator scripts, you can download them via his github account.

Time to get some sleep now to be rest up for tomorrow to finalize our work. Cheers !