#Shelley Mainnet

Cold Stake with Trezor & Ledger Hardware Wallets

Trezor hardware wallet
Ledger hardware wallets

Learn how to delegate your ADA to a stake pool whether you use:

• A Trezor Model T

• A Ledger Nano S

• A Ledger Nano X

Enjoy rewards along with the peace of mind and safety that comes with cold staking.

Delegate to ADA4Profit. You’ll get much more than a stake pool. We’re building a community that has a vision far beyond just staking rewards. Our stake pool team and even some of our delegators are on the cutting edge of blockchain and smart contract solutions development.

Our servers are monitored 24/7. Join our Telegram community to learn more and meet some pretty special people.

#Shelley Mainnet

Daedalus Wallet Performance Improvements

A new Daedalus wallet version is going to be released today. It is expected to be up to 100 times faster then the previous version. Underlying this Daedalus wallet a new version of the Cardano node 1.19.0 will be shipped. Yesterday the new node was published on github.

We are excited and looking forward for the final product to be shipped today after the last quality checks and tests have been done by the IOHK team.

Hopefully this will solve most of the problems Daedalus users are encountering and suffering from for a long time and will make the experience of the wallet overall better. Staking and the daily use of Daedalus will hopefully from now on a smooth process.

For us the shipped release will be the moment where we are updating our pool and relay nodes to 1.19.0, so we are assured the node passed the latest quality checks.

Yesterday after the code of node 1.19.0 came online we did ourselves some test on one of our test nodes. We can confirm that the startup time is about 3 times faster for us and the syncing time is also reduced in comparison with version 1.18.0 (Above is depending on your hardware configuration, so it can be different for you)

Cardano node 1.19.0
log showing the startup time of the new 1.19.0 node before the latest quality checks

Main reasons for a better performance are:

• optimizations made on the chain validation and re-validation

• optimizations made on opening the database

Further the new Daedalus wallet delivers integration with SMASH, Cardanos stake pool meta data aggregation server.

Keep an eye on the release of the new Daedalus wallet today and let us know about your experiences.

#Shelley Mainnet

Delegate from Yoroi & AdaLite Hot Wallets

Learn how to delegate your ADA to a stake pool whether you use:

  • An online wallet at, or
  • A Yoroi wallet on your smartphone

WIN 250 ADA! Go to YouTube comments section of the video.

Delegate to ADA4Profit to have peace of mind. Our servers are monitored 24/7. We also have a growing community on Telegram where we answer specific questions and post interesting articles and updates.

#Shelley Mainnet

Professional Stake Pool Service For Cardano


Support us in securing the Cardano network. We provide a professional setup stake pool service. In total we operate 10 nodes for our delegators to guarantee excellent network connectivity and fail-over.

We are committed to the Cardano project for the long term.

As stake pool operator, business owner and entrepreneur i am personally looking forward to build solutions on top of the Cardano blockchain.

#Shelley Mainnet

Redeem Your ITN Rewards Now

For the ones who didn’t do so yet, with the latest Daedalus Mainnet wallet you can now redeem your ITN rewards.

Once you have redeemed your ITN rewards, consider staking them with us.

We provide our delegators with a professional stake pool operation. Our stake pool operation consists of ten nodes in different data centers, spread over two geographical regions.

Our stake pools are operated by an experienced team of IT experts with a background in cryptography, security and enterprise cloud native solutions.

We are looking forward to serve your delegation. We will make sure that your delegation will be treated with the greatest care to generate the best possible ROS.

#Shelley Mainnet

Long Term Viability Of A Cardano Stake Pool

Many Cardano stake pools are advertising their low variable fees as a unique selling point towards delegators.

But what does this tell you about these stake pool operators?

• Do they work for nothing ?

• Is this maybe a hobby project for them?

• Or are they maybe just running one or two nodes on their home computer ?

You can ask yourself the question how viable these stake pool operations are. What kind of work are they putting in their stake pool now and in the future?

It is obvious that I can buy a cheaper car than a Mercedes or BMW but will I get the same comfort, performance, service and guarantee ? Everyone probably knows the answer.

This is exactly why ADA4PROFIT is not decreasing its variable fees. We want to provide our delegators with the best quality staking services, that gives them the comfort, performance, service and guarantee not only now but also in the future. Variable fees are required to cover operational and maintenance costs to keep the staking services viable.

Instead of lowering our variable fees, we guaranteed our delegators from the start that we return these fees automatically in our stake pools for a period of 3 years. For our delegators this means better return on their stake since these fees are compounding as delegation.

Next to this our pledge is locked for the same period of time.

What keeps you from staking with us !

#Shelley Mainnet

New How To Delegate Guide For New Daedalus Mainnet Wallet

We are proud to present to you today with a new simplified delegation guide. Based on the new Deadalus Mainnet wallet.

Our first guide was published on 07/25/2020. This guide was based on the Daedalus Testnet wallet. You can find the post under “Delegation guide.” The guide itself can be downloaded here.

In that guide we made a promise to keep it updated.

We are keeping up with this promise by providing the Cardano community with a new simplified delegation guide. This is for the new Daedalus Mainnet wallet. Which supports both the Byron and the Shelley era of the Cardano blockchain.

In our guide, the following topics are covered:

• How to convert a Byron wallet to a Shelley compatible wallet

• How to delegate your ADA stake to a stake pool

• How to restore a wallet in the new Daedalus wallet

If you think our new simplified guide is not giving you enough information about Cardano; transferring ADA from an exchange to the Daedalus Mainnet wallet or delegating your ADA stake to a stake pool. You are still able to download our previous and more detailed guide. Most of the content of this guide is still valid. Now, you should use the new Daedalus Mainnet wallet. Then you can use your own ADA, instead of tADA (test ADA) from a faucet.

You can download our new simplified delegation guide here.

We hope you like our contribution! Please consider delegating your ADA stake with ADA4PROFIT, in our stake pools A4PEU or A4PUS.

#Shelley Mainnet

A Personal Thank You

Today we got a very generous delegation to our stake pool of 1.7 mln ADA. This is bringing our stake pool JUNO back on track and within the top 200 stake pools where in our opinion we belong.

We like to thank this anonymous delegator very much for his/her trust in our stake pool operation.

ADA4PROFIT is very ambitious and aiming for a top 100 spot with our stake pool JUNO.

In order to achieve this we are not sitting still, but we are creating more content, so that potential delegators can see that besides technical knowledge we know what it takes to run a professional business.

For ADA owners who didn’t delegate their stake yet, join us in our ambition to reach a top 100 spot.

ADA4PROFIT is welcoming you to our stake pools JUNO and SATURN, together we can make this happen. We will take care of excellent returns on your stake.

#Shelley Mainnet

10 Reasons To Delegate With ADA4PROFIT

1. Our pool pledge is locked for 3 years.

2. Variable stake pool fees are automatically delegated back into our stake pools during a period of 3 years. Our delegators will immediately profit from this.

3. Our nodes run on dedicated bare metal servers for the best performance to forge blocks. Proof for this was delivered during the HTN.

4. Excellent network connectivity to forge blocks is guaranteed. We are operating 6 public relay nodes, 2 hidden relay nodes and 2 stake pools on different locations.

5. We operate our nodes from different data centers to guarantee 24/7/365 up time of our nodes.

6. Our nodes are deployed as micro services. This makes them portable and independent from the operating system. This allows us to switch servers/data centers easily in case this would be required.

7. Monitoring and alerting of our infrastructure is in place to guarantee excellent up times.

8. Our nodes are DDOS protected.

9. Our stake pool nodes are shielded from external communication, only our own relay nodes are able to communicate with our stake pools.

10. Proficient linux, network, and security skills, with over 25 years of experience of enterprise software solutions.

We could give many more reasons why you should delegate your stake with us. Please contact us directly via Telegram or email in case you are interested in delegating your ADA with us.

Bonus reason:

Stake pool operator is running a software company with a dedicated team of 8 software developers that is active in the field of machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

The stake pools operator software company is planning to build solutions on the Cardano blockchain. Various ideas have already been worked out and are waiting for Goguen to be released. They will be proposed to the Cardano foundation to be sponsored by the treasure.

Currently the stake pool operators software company is already operating and maintaining blockchain based solutions for their clients on the Ethereum blockchain.

#Shelley Mainnet

Demystifying The Myth For Delegators

Most delegators think that low stake pool fees will deliver them a better return on stake. But is this true?

That is not exactly how it works. The stake pool performance will deliver delegators better rewards, not a lower stake pool fee percentage. The amount of pledge, delegation and the infrastructure of the stake pool plays and important role in this.

Many pool operators are taking advantage of the limited understanding of the delegators. They are running a stake pool at the start with very low pool fees, 1 – 2%, to attract delegators only. In fact a pool fee of 1 or 2% is economically not viable for a professional run stake pool with many relays.

Delegators who are not aware of this are delegating blindly into these low fee stake pools in the hope for more rewards on their stake. In fact they are staking with a bad actor. A pool operator can change the stake pool fee at any time, so it is not even said these stake pools keep their fees this low in the future.

Another thing we noticed is, there are many stake pools with a high pledge but in fact these stake pools did not pledge that amount of ADA at all. By having a high pledge in their stake pool configuration they suggest they have pledged that amount of ADA in the hope that delegators fall for this trick and delegate with them.

There is a saying when things seem too good you better keep your fingers from it, since they might get burned.

Do not get tricked by stake pool operators that are not playing a fair game and just want to get hold of your ADA in delegation, to grow their stake in the network unethically . If you can, verify the amount of pledge they really added to their pool or ask someone that can do this for you.

Be mindful choose trusted stake pool operations that are open in their communication and transparent about their plans, now and in the future. Stake pools that have locked their pledge for multiple years and take a fair share of fees to be able to finance their stake pool operation. After all you want the operation you are delegating to not to go out of business.