Join A4PEU to be part of the draw

To celebrate the k-factor change on the 6th of December 2020 and A4PEU being 4 months live on the Cardano Mainnet you can win now 500$ in ADA.

A4PEU joined the Cardano project early 2017 and was part of ITN and HTN. We are working on a community app to be released in the first half of 2021. Next to this we are actively contributing to the community.

Qualifying for the 500$ giveaway is simple

  • You should stake minimal 10K ADA with A4PEU for at least 2 epochs or 10 days. (Of course we would like you to stay longer with us, but this is all up to you if you are satisfied with our services)
  • You need to stake your ADA before the 6th of December 2020 to be eligible for this 500$ giveaway.
  • Further to be eligible for this campaign we need your details. Contact us directly via Telegram or mail for more details.

Additional campaign details

  • This campaign is only valid till the 6th of December 2020 so hurry up in case you want to be part of this 500$ giveaway.
  • We will conduct a draw for the 500$ giveaway when our live stake will pass 10M ADA. Currently our live stake is 8.87M  ADA.
  • During the draw there will be in total 4 winners of 125$ in ADA.
  • In case there is limited interest and we don’t pass the 10M ADA live stake, don’t be sad. We still draw 2 winners that will each receive 50$ in ADA.
  • The draw will be held during epoch 235 and payments of the giveaway will follow at the end of epoch 235.

We are looking forward for your participation in this campaign and our stake pool.

Thank you. Ron