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ADA4Profit is a community stake pool operation for the Cardano blockchain

We support the decentralization and security of the Cardano network by running a stake pool. Our goal is to develop community and commercial solutions on the Cardano blockchain.

Bare metal servers

Our stake pool A4PEU (JUNO) infrastructure is running on bare metal servers. We make use of different data centers and geographical locations within the EU and the US to support decentralization and provide high availability.


Our infrastructure is highly resilient to ensure that our stake pool can produce blocks under any circumstances.

Monitoring & Alerting

Our stake pool and relay nodes are actively monitored. In case our stake pool or any of our relay nodes would go down we are automatically alerted on our mobile phones so we can take immediate actions.

Cloud native

We are using the latest cloud native technology. This allows us to upgrade our nodes easily with the latest software and makes us independent of the host operating system and cloud hosting provider.


We did implement best security practices to ensure that our stake pool pledge and rewards are as safe as possible.

" Operating a stake pool is asking more then just copying instructions from a manual. It is a continuous effort of improvement. Expertise and skills are required to automate and secure the stake pool infrastructure"

— Ron, Stake pool operator ADA4Profit